Live Up Right

Copyright R. Freeman a.k.a. reya SunshIne a.k.a. Vokal Machete

Je suis comme ma musique c’est live and direct
When me hit me micro mi a earn me respect
Dem people know me as tha vocal machete
Cause when me hit the music me get rek (get rek)

Quand je fait la music cette un serious ting
This here voice ain’t no temporary fling
Me a follow the vibes from a conscious spring
And when me hit the music it a real thing

Me naw get caught up inna poppy show bling
Je suis true vibes c un natural ting
And it naw come from tha shitty city
It from a natural true roots harmony

Roots roots sound is how me love fe get down
Me naw interest in how me wear the crown
Me naw competing for the most conscious
It a way o life
Naw bother be jealous


Live up right ya got ta live up right
Spread ya wings up inna de air and tek flight (x2)

Live Up Right

Copyright Karton aka Alexis Friedmann

Music is my life
Music is my love
Music is the time
When I am at home in my soul ×2
Music isn’t a game, it’s a burning faya
Same as a Reya Sunshine ya
Just one aim, ever get higher
Quitte a finir en paria
To make a break with Babylon city
I’m trying to live inna simplicity
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